It’s T – 2

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I want a new life.

Well, not 100% new. I love my family, my home, my dog. My day job doesn’t suck. But I would like to be healthier physically, mentally, and financially.

To sum up: I want to be a debt-free, minimalist, hiking, writer.

Four things. Several are related. And I have somehow gotten fixated on 80weeks. Mostly because I could lose 80 pounds and one pound a week seems reasonable. So I have tried to start an 80 Weeks to a new me thing, writing in my planner, etc. And guess what? This is version 4. Haven’t gotten past week three yet. So why not a semi-anonymous blog to track my progress. No one will read it, really, but something about seeing the blog posts pile up sparks the motivation.

I have goals, but I really want to focus on making new habits and new systems. Habits that will help me become that debt-free, minimalist, hiking, writer. So, I have a schedule, and I will work on building 4 new habits into the mix every 8 weeks, roughly 2 weeks per habit. And they will correspond to the 4 end goals. I may tweak this, but for now, it’s the plan.

My #80WeekTimeline

The 8 habits for the first 2 8 weeks periods:

  1. In bed 8 hours and sleep 7 hours each night. Can average.
  2. 8K steps per day. Can average.
  3. No clothing purchases.
  4. No wine purchases.
  5. Write 800 words per day.
  6. Blog post most days of the week to track progress.
  7. Declutter 8 things per day
  8. 8 minutes of weightlifting or yoga.

This isn’t a hard list, but if I spend two weeks on each habit then add the rest, it’s slow, but not undoable. I tend to want to have it all/do it all at once, so slowing down, taking all 80 Weeks, will help me build these habits.

If not now, when?

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