Week 1, Day 3

Photo by Lisa on Pexels.com

Sleep, that elusive elixir of life, to hear the experts talk about it. No, they don’t think it’s elusive. But they do think it needs to be planned, prepped, and pursued. I listened to a team of sports psychologists today speak for an hour on Sleep and Athletic performance. (Actually, sports scientist Howard Gray and sports psychologist Ryan Pittsinger from Texas A&M Athletics.) The takeaways were that sleep impacts just about every piece of the performance pie. (reaction time, accuracy of skill performance, sprinting, power, endurance, learning/memory, mood & perception of work).

Quality and quantity both matter, so it is good that I track both sleep duration and things like light sleep, REM sleep, and deep sleep. Also, heart rate variability and resting heart rate are indicators of sleep quality. I am tracking the resting heart rate, which is pretty high this week thanks to some wine and, of course, lack of sleep. I would like to get that down.

I also ordered some new HOKA running shoes, as maybe if my feet don’t hurt, I can try to run again. It’s been way too long, so I will be starting from scratch. And also, this did not help the debt-free portion of my goals, but I will put a few things on Poshmark to offset the costs.

today’s numbers:

Sleep – 6:40 up 11 minutes

Score – 77 up 6

Light – 4:23 59% down 13

REM – 0:33 7% up 13 minutes

Deep – 1:44 up 19

Awake – 0:44 10% down 40 minutes

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