Week 4, Day 5

Photo by Greta Hoffman on Pexels.com

Saturday, March 26

1. In bed 8 hours and sleep at least 7 hours. No, in bed 7:30, slept 5:59
2. 8K steps each day. 8 minutes on the bike or 8 minutes of Yoga. 3742 (most of which were at the grocery store), NO
3. No clothing purchases. Yes
4. No wine or alcohol.  NO
5. Write for 8 minutes a day. Easy Peasy. YES!
6. Blog 80% of the days to track progress. (That is about 5 days a week, really 6, but I am going with tiny goals here. Yes!
7. Declutter 8 things a week. Yes!
8. IF goal: Maximum eating window of 8 hours.Yes! right at 8 hours.

Another D day (62%). Which is….fine. I am going to get things going this week since it’s April and also I am finally catching up with Daylight Saving Time. (Don’t get me started, it doesn’t save daylight, you don’t get more. It just shifts it. Should be Daylight Shifting Time. That is all.

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