Week 7, Day 4

All the Nos!

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Friday, April 15

1. In bed 8 hours and sleep at least 7 hours. Yes, In bed 8:15and sleep 7:14 Score 76
2. 8K steps each day. 8 minutes on the bike or 8 minutes of Yoga. Oh, no. 4148
3. No clothing purchases. Gulp, nope. a pair of shoes.
4. No wine or alcohol.  Blew that too.
5. Write for 8 minutes a day. Easy Peasy. YES!
6. Blog 80% of the days to track progress. (That is about 5 days a week, really 6, but I am going with tiny goals here. Yes!
7. Declutter 8 things a week. Yes!

Just a weird day. back on track today. 62.5% is definitely a D.

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