A new beginning, T-13 days

Photo by Taryn Elliott on Pexels.com

Saturday, April 16

1. In bed 8 hours and sleep at least 7 hours. Yes, In bed 8:45 and sleep 7:42 Score 78
2. 8K steps each day. 8 minutes on the bike or 8 minutes of Yoga. Oh, no. 2382
3. No clothing purchases. Yes.
4. No wine or alcohol.  Blew that too.
5. Write for 8 minutes a day. Easy Peasy. YES!
6. Blog 80% of the days to track progress. (That is about 5 days a week, really 6, but I am going with tiny goals here. Yes!
7. Declutter 8 things a week. Yes!
8. IF goal: Maximum eating window of 8 hours.YES, 8

6 out of 8 isn’t terrible, but I have let some things slide a bit. And I decided I really prefer my weeks to start on Sunday with the fitbit and my calendars (Ok, they start on Mondays, but you get the point. So I am starting YET again (version 9 or 10?) and Day 1, Week 1 will be May 1. Clean slate. I will use the next 13 days to build up my habits again, mainly getting on the spin bike in the mornings, rather than save it for after the day job, where it ends up not being done. Maybe since the spring semester is ended and summer is beginning, I am just feeling the need for a fresh start.

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