Day 1, Week 2

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Sunday, June 5, 2022

  1. In bed 8 hours (Sleep at least 7), and/or sleep score >80 In bed 7:21, Slept 6:19, Score 78 (could half point this, but nah)
  2. Movement: 8K steps, 8 minutes of yoga, OR 8 minutes on the spin bike 1 hour hot yoga
  3. No wine or alcohol Check
  4. No personal shopping* Full disclosure, bought a book. Then immediately remember this blog and returned it. No harm, no foul.
  5. No social media scrolling before 12 pm Mostly. Need to work on this.
  6. Blog here 80% of the week to chart progress Check
  7. Maximum eating window of 8 hours. 7 hour
  8. Write at least 8 minutes a day on my priority project.Check

Not sure what I am going to do about sleep on weekdays. I have a morning thing at 5:00am (writing, not yoga) so getting up at 4:30-4:45 is non-negotiable. But going to bed before 9 makes my inner child scream. It’s like I am suddenly 8 again and my parents are making me go to bed at 7:00pm in the summer when it is light until 9 and all the other kids in the neighborhood are playing outside my window. I know I need to grow up and adult here, but that inner child is a loud brat. Another 7 of 8 day, for an 88%.

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