Day 5, Week 2

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Thursday, June 9, 2022

  1. In bed 8 hours (Sleep at least 7), and/or sleep score >80 Sensing a theme here – In bed 7:20, Slept 6:08, Score 74
  2. Movement: 8K steps, 8 minutes of yoga, OR 8 minutes on the spin bike One hour hot yoga. Temp was 102 with a heat index of 106, definitely hot.
  3. No wine or alcohol Check
  4. No personal shopping* Check
  5. No social media scrolling before 12pm Check
  6. Blog here 80% of the week to chart progress Check
  7. Maximum eating window of 8 hours. Yes, 6 hours
  8. Write at least 8 minutes a day on my priority project. Check

Another 7 of 8 day (87%). For sleep, I really just need to suck it up and go to bed with the toddlers of the world, but having that time alone at the end of the day is rather nice. I was not feeling the yoga yesterday and put it off, until I thought I would just miss it for my 4pm class and do it before bed (which I kind of knew would not happen.) then decided to keep this one promise to myself, my 30-day challenge, and went out, expecting nothing from myself or the mat and actually felt about 100 percent better afterward. I was late to class but oh well, I was focused by the time I got there, rather than be late and still feeling the inner battle of should I or shouldn’t I. Just doing it seemed to be the thing.

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