Day 1, Week 2

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Happy National Book Lover’s Day!

Monday, August 8, 2022

  1. In bed 8 hours (Sleep at least 7), and/or sleep score >80 In bed 7:00 slept 5:46 score 70. Better, but nope
  2. Movement: 8K steps, 8 minutes of yoga, OR 8 minutes on the spin bike 8266 Check.
  3. No wine or alcohol check
  4. No personal shopping* check. Even better, returned something.
  5. No social media scrolling before 12 pm Check.
  6. Meet 80% of my targets for macronutrients. check. 68.4 P 34.7 C
  7. Maximum eating window of 8 hours. 6 hours, check
  8. Declutter one thing each day; either recycle, donate or, last resort, dispose. Check

7 of 8, so 88%. A good start to week 2. Carbs were a little higher than I have been keeping them, but under 50, which is the target. (Ok, under 48, something divisible by 8.) Been walking for thirty minutes every morning lately, so that is going well on work days. Maybe sleep will follow soon.

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